Hell or High Water (2016) 1080p YIFY Movie

Hell or High Water (2016) 1080p

A divorced father and his ex-con older brother resort to a desperate scheme in order to save their family's ranch in West Texas.

IMDB: 8.148 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Drama
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.55G
  • Resolution: 1920*1080 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 102
  • IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 53 / 631

The Synopsis for Hell or High Water (2016) 1080p

A divorced father and his ex-con older brother resort to a desperate scheme in order to save their family's ranch in West Texas.

The Director and Players for Hell or High Water (2016) 1080p

[Director]David Mackenzie
[Role:]Ben Foster
[Role:]Dale Dickey
[Role:]Chris Pine

The Reviews for Hell or High Water (2016) 1080p

Reviewed bywcoleparksVote: 8/10/10

The American western seems to be slowly making a comeback in recentyears. With films such as The Rover, Slow West and True Grit there havebeen some interesting and unique approaches to this old genre. Hell orHigh Water fits right in with these mentioned films by containing a lotof comedy, engaging characters, and no holds barred violence.

Chris Pine and Ben Foster as the bank-robbing brothers share greatchemistry and draw sympathy from the audience with compellingperformances. Jeff Bridges stands out however as the hardened coptasked to track down the brothers. His racist slurs and aggravated manpersona works perfectly with his gravely, yet genuine voice and hefinds perfect timing in his comedic delivery.

The music, done by Nick Cave is also perfect. After crafting one of thegreatest scores with Assassination of Jesse James, he gets pretty closeto that here with very foreboding and meditative music. Especiallyright before the big showdown.

And when it all goes down, the film will have you on the edge of yourseat. It doesn't hold anything back and people die out of nowhere. It'svery realistic and is worth the tension filed build up.

Hell or High Water is a surprisingly great American western.

Hell or High Water (2016) Directed by: David Mackenzie Screenplay by:Taylor Sheridan Starring: Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, Ben Foster RunTime: 1 hour 42 minutes

Reviewed byRed_IdentityVote: /10

This is definitely the type of simple film that many might dismiss whenfirst hearing about it or seeing the promotional footage of it. What'sreally surprising about it is the amount of emotional and dramaticweight that it carries. It's not primarily interested in gun fights orcar chases. Instead, it's interested in exploring the dynamics of raceand culture, and in depicting everyone as flawed individuals who youstill feel empathy for. It gives you a portrayal of what poverty andthe economy can do, even when never attempting to justify the horriblebehavior on display or trying to make excuses for its characters. It'sfilled with wonderful, thoughtful dialogue while also playing out likea realistic morality tale. The three leads are also fantastic,especially Ben Foster, who deserves to get more roles as the talentedcharacter-actor he is. This is highly recommended.

Reviewed bynama chakravortyVote: 9/10/10

David Mackenzie's 'Hell or High Water' is A Terrific Movie, that turnsout to be an unexpected delight of the Summer. With underwhelmingsuperhero movies or reboots doing the rounds, this Heist/CrimeMotion-Picture offers a Solid Story, that is Sharply Written, ExpertlyDirected & Very Strongly Acted.

'Hell or High Water' Synopsis: A divorced dad and his ex-con brotherresort to a desperate scheme in order to save their family's farm inWest Texas.

'Hell or High Water' is a story of family & crime. You watch the 2brothers rob banks, as they are tired of being poor & they indulge inaggression. And then you have Two Texas Rangers, after them, becausethey're wearing a uniform & they serve for the protection of thepeople. Its the difference of dynamics between its characters that make'Hell or High Water' a solid watch. I wan engrossed by the camaraderieof the 4 characters, they are interesting to watch & hear.

'Hell or High Water' is perfectly paced, as the narrative hits the nail& culminates in a crisp 101-minutes. The film begins with a punch &ends on the very same note. I was thoroughly engrossed by the story &how well it progressed. Taylor Sheridan's Screenplay is Sharp. HisWriting is tops, allowing us to get into the story & have aninteresting experience. David Mackenzie's Direction is expertly done.He's handled the film, with command. Giles Nuttgens' Cinematography isfantastic. West Texas has been captured beautifully. Jake Roberts'Editing is crisp. Art & Costume Design are perfect. Nick Cave & WarrenEllis's Score is good. Action-Sequences are well-done, as well.

Performance-Wise: 'Hell or High Water' is filled with superiorperformances. Jeff Bridges steals the show as the senior Texas ranger,who's sly sense of humor with his Indian partner (a fabulous GilBirmingham) & skill to put things together & get to the criminals, isdelightful. Bridges gets his character spot-on & proves once again,that he's among the Greatest we've ever had. As the 2-brothers who goon bank-robbing spree, Chris Pine & Ben Foster are in top-form. Pine isa revelation, delivering a mature, restrained performance, whileFoster, an actor who's potential isn't new to know, continues toastonish, with his enviable talent for playing unpredictable, unlikablecharacters. Also, the on-screen chemistry between Pine & Foster,appears real & affecting.

On the whole, 'Hell or High Water' is a Winner! Don't Miss It!

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